API Checking Module

(Send a request email (with your username) to us to manual active this module for your account)
How it works: Just send a request (POST or GET) to this link (read our step-by-step guide Readme.txt in the download link)
- Perform api call: https://ugrn.linkzip.pw/ugm/xcheck.php?user=YourUsername&pwd=YourPassword&gate=checkcvv5&cc=4111111111111111|4|2023|123
- Login only: https://ugrn.linkzip.pw/ugm/xcheck.php?user=YourUsername&pwd=YourPassword&login=1

List of working checkers (Without socks):
- CCV Checker #9  : gate=checkcvv9  (Type accepted: [All]Visa, Master, Amex, Disc | Country: All | Charging: [Visa, Master, Disc: No-Charge]; [Amex : authorized 1$])
- CCV Checker #9c: gate=checkcvv9c (Type accepted: [All]Visa, Master, Amex, Disc | Country: All | Charging: [Visa, Master: $0.01]; [Amex, Disco: $1])

   - This module is meant to be including to your site (only), you will get slower speed when checking a list of cards with this API (even with multithreading),
      you should login to our site to perform the normal check
   - Pls use API on domain ugrn.linkzip.pw, we may turn on captcha firewall on other domains: change ug-market.com to ugrn.linkzip.pw (in $url) in checkers/checkers.php
   - You have to include a user_agent into your request, otherwise it'll be blocked. Run our test_api.php (in the download link), it'll tell you if there's any problem
Sample Code including to your site: Download Here

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Domain list: ug-market.com, ug-market.net, ug-market.is